Mr.Nizar Ahammed and Mr.Haneef Ahamed are Partners in the firm M/s N.K.Ahammed having its registered office at No.73 -77, Dr.Natesan Rd, Chennai - 600005 from 1994.

Mr. N.K.Ahammed along with their Father Shri.N.K.Ahammed in 1952, and the Firm is a Major Trader of Timber in the city. We are one of the leading timber Merchants in the city for the last 56 Years. Our Branches are spread throughout the city.

We as a Firm deal in Plywood,Hard Board Block Board,Roofing tiles(Weathring and Decorative) Porothern Hollow Bricks Celing Tiles Paving tiles(for Car Parking and Pathways etc)

The Company has good sales volume with Jeppair group of Institution,Mamallapuram Hotels Pvt Ltd, Crescent Engineering College, Bhaggyam Constructions, Albis Engineering and Company and other leading Contractors.

The firm also holds a fairly open Yard (30 Grounds) at Dr.Natesan Rd,Chennai - 600005 besides at padur where the partners hold about 2 acres. The company has taken a very conservative route considering the fact that timber is available only through limited resources in India.

With the gradual acceptance of block boards and plywoods by the public in general, the company propose to expand its Business on the market which involves our own brand block boards and Plywoods.

The company has already installed in its factory the necessary Equipments, Boilers, and Pressing Boards etc. For the manufactures of Block Boards. The company has already started the Manufacture of NK Flush doors using imported Laminates.

The Company's vision as a leading player in the manufacture, trade and distribution of construction and related items including, timber,tiles,glass,hardwares,cement,steel, Pre-Fabricated roofing etc. In the direct retail segment the company is considering the marketing of Special Bathrooms, tiles, flooring, sound proof Equipment, Aluminium sidings, Wash basins, Jacuzzi, Steam Rooms including the supplying of Garden Tiles and Artificial Turfs.